Starting work experience – progress

I started work experience at Carlton hydrotherapy on the 28th May, the girls have been lovely to work with and great at answering my endless questions! As I am not trained I have mostly been helping with getting the dogs ready, cleaning and doing paperwork but i have been learning from observing sessions. I do feel like my confidence has a way to go but I am hoping if I can learn the theory from the course this will help! I am really liking it there, the dogs make it all worthwhile!

They have a range of clients there, from dogs with long term conditions such as spondylosis to injury rehabilitation and even some fun swimmers that come to keep fit! These are the obviously the funnest but it is really motivating to see a dog who struggles on land really swim in the pool with a better or full range of movement.

One of the hydrotherapists gave me some of her course materials to look, at and I really hope that I can be good at this! I think I am going to try enrol next week on the course.

Also, I have been looking around to change my job, I thought I could stay where I was (money is good!) until I completed the course next year but I am struggling with motivation for the job and everyday I sit at my desk its more of a struggle. I have applied for a veterinary reception position at a Vets in Harrogate, I am not sure I will get it but if I don’t apply then I definitely won’t! Fingers crossed!




On Sunday (19th June) we packed up Poppi and travelled to hesire for Dogsfest north. Organised by Noel Fitzpatrick (The Supervet) to raise awareness for his charity Humanimal Trust and just a fun day out for all dogs!


We had a great day, Poppi got to meet lots of new friends including a few Bassets! There were lots of great stalls including charities and shopping. We treated Poppi to a new collar and bandana from Ditsy pet, we might get the lead to match aswell from the website! 😀

She also got a free bandana from the Groom Room (groomers part of Vets4pets) so cute!

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